Your business is exactly our case

As experienced attorneys and entrepreneurs, we provide you and your company with solution-oriented and pragmatic advice whatever your situation or question may be. From the initial business plan to above and beyond breaking even.


From experience, we know: Having an expert handle legal matters competently and professionally from the get-go will save you money and potential headaches. This is what motivates us to support you.


As business-minded attorneys, we are happy to serve you and your company long-term with expert consulting in the sense of “Legal as a Service”.

Legal as a Service - Get your Fee Quote!

With the “Legal as a Service” form you are able to create your tailor-made offer for an ongoing legal support. Completely transparent based on your needs, including an overview of the monthly costs. If you complete the form, you will receive a concrete offer.


"Sequoiadendron Giganteum", in short Sequoia, stands for the tree of records. It is evergreen and grows up to 95 metres high, making it taller than many skyscrapers.

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Our philosophy

Every company goes through different legal phases. We support you from the incorporation of the company to a potential sale or dissolution.