Expect a lot, lots of undertaking

Every business starts as an idea. But that alone isn’t enough. More than a little hard work awaits in every phase of your company’s life. This also includes legal hurdles. From experience, we know: Having an expert handle legal matters competently and professionally from the get-go will save you money and potential headaches.

Legal Project Management

You need an in-house expert panel for Legal & Compliance. We are happy to pro-actively act as an “external General Counsel” in all strategic areas relating to legal aspects. You can count on us as a sparring partners.

Commercial and Contract Law

We advise you comprehensively on corporate and commercial law as well as contract law. In particular, we assist you on acquisition and restructuring projects (M&A). Based on our vast experience in advising financial service providers I am glad to support you in the area of financial markets law, including obtaining relevant licenses from competent authorities.

Strong Network

We work together in an interdisciplinary manner with specialised partners who cover other fields of law or offer complementary services. These include tax experts, auditors and trustees as well as experts in marketing, web design and graphics.

Setting up a Business
e.g. selection of corporate form, drafting of corporate documents, equity structure
Protection of Intellectual Property
e.g. registration of trademarks, protection of copyrights and trade secrets
Contracts & other Documents
e.g. collaboration agreements, GTC, construction and lease agreements, legal project management
Employees & Consultants
e.g. employee stock option plans, employment and consultancy contracts, work and residence permits
Regulatory & Compliance
e.g. financial market law, data protection, securities trading, immigration law
Mergers & Acquisitions
e.g. share purchase agreements, shareholders' agreements, conversions, restructurings